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Knights of the Round Table Bookmark (SBK) :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 Berry and the Black Knight :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 2 2 I'm So Glad I Got To Meet You. :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 0 0 I'm Cringey And I'm Proud :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 Tsukitsune the Fox Reference Sheet :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 2 0 Happy Birthday Stella :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 Tsukitsune the Fox :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 SweetSong The Hedgehog Fanart (Mecha) :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 Lily The Fox Mechanic Sprite(For:Lost Pause/Noble) :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 2 0 Panterbell Sprite (For: Lost Pause/Noble) :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 1 0 Anthropomorphic Mega Absol :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 4 0 Jaiden's Ari Brave Bird... Somethin :iconfoxcentral:FoxCentral 27 24
This a cringe collection... MY ART'S HIDEOUS!!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just a cringey, socially awkward artist dude trying to make art for fun and for a living... yeah... If you want to know more about me then send me a note and I will add it here...

Still reading this? Okay, well if you are let's continue.

I'm into Pokemon, Sonic The Hedgehog, Shantae, Super Smash Bros., anime, etc...

Here's all the websites you can check me out in:





Did I mention I'm socially awkward?


Knights of the Round Table Bookmark (SBK)
A bookmark of the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur if you so wish to download and use.

(I don't normally talk like that)

I made this because I love playing Sonic and the Black Knight (SBK) and because I'm currently reading King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table. 


Like I said above, you may download this if you wish and use it as a bookmark.
Berry and the Black Knight
"Like a sword, I'm drawn
Into the heat of day
Like a knight, I'll fight
Until the fight is won
In the reign, I slay
Each and every, each and every
Each and every one
Till this war is won

And I live to rule
By the sword
Slashing through the every inch of the power
The power in you
As I sit and I stand
By the table I command
My kingdom
I'm the knight of the wind"

(Lyrics from: Knight Of The Wind)

Man, I love that song!

Anyways, without further ado, I present Berry the Hedgehog if she was in "Sonic and the Black Knight" (SATBK)

This is a little gift for the lovely :iconbubblyfoxy: :heart: :D

It's so fun drawing her O.C.s, yet they are really hard to draw correctly. ^^;

I hope you like it... ^^

As I was designing this I thought to myself, "What would her weapon be instead of her original laser whip?" So, I decided to give her a spiked ball and chain weapon! Makes sense, no? 

Although I did do this by myself, I still must give BubblyFoxy credit obviously for letting me draw Berry in the first place, but also for giving me an idea for the armor color.

(as I was writing this I noticed it looks like Berry has no pants... SHE IS WEARING PANTS, OKAY?!)

I might redo this piece when my art skills improve.

Art belongs to me. Berry the Hedgehog belongs to BubblyFoxy.

Please do not edit or re-post my art. Thank you.

I'm the knight of the wind

The knight of the wind...
I'm the knight of the wind..."

I'm So Glad I Got To Meet You.
Original Artwork belongs to GAMEFREAK Inc. and Nintendo... Photo taken from Pokemon Moon.

Send this to a loved one or companion! Show how much you care for them. :heart:
I'm Cringey And I'm Proud
Welp, as the title implies... I am cringe... "AND I'M PROUD!" Yes, I did in fact make this on Meme Generator... if it isn't already obvious...
Tsukitsune the Fox Reference Sheet
"Wow look! It's an ugly O.C." 

This is my "Sonic" O.C.... You can't even call it a Sonic O.C.... It looks nothing like Sonic characters...

Anyways, here are some facts...:

:bulletorange:  Name: Tsukitsune the Fox (Mixture of the Japanese words: Tsuki, which means moon, and Kitsune, which means fox)

:bulletorange:  Nicknames: Moonfox (I DON'T KNOW ANY CREATIVE NAMES!!! HALP!!!)

:bulletorange:  Age: Around 20 (I honestly don't know XD)

:bulletorange:  Date of Birth: October, 13

:bulletorange:  Height: Around 4'11

:bulletorange:  Gender: Male

:bulletorange:  Sexual Orientation: Straight

:bulletorange:  Marital Status: None...

:bulletorange:  Relatives: Unknown

:bulletorange:  Companions: Chisel the Chao (Dark Power Chao), Shella the Chao (Hero Fly Chao)

:bulletorange:  Enemies: Unknown

:bulletorange:  Powers and Abilities:

- stealthy
- Weapon of choice is the "Gardev Blade" which can be attached to the top of his gloves.
- The blade can be split down the middle for two blade action... (That sounds weird)
- Power Type (Yes, even though he is stealth based, he is a power type)

:bulletorange:  Personality:

- Friendly, thoughtful
- Very caring, especially when it comes to the ones he loves and the ones he must protect (if any...)
- Hates to disappoint
- Very shy
- anger issues
- An introvert (Yup, he looks pretty outgoing in the reference, huh?)
- A Gamer
- (IDK what else to write! Ask me some questions about Tsukitsune and I'll write the answers here)

:bulletorange:  The reason the chao have animal parts is because in Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2) people were able to give their chao animal parts to raise and decrease stats or to just make them look cute and/or cool.

Art and characters belong to me.

Do not copy or re-upload my art. Thank you.

"Watch out, we got an edge-lord over here."



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